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    What to Bring in Your Carry-On Bag

    Last updated 3 days ago

    Properly packing your carry-on luggage can help you simplify the process of getting through airport security. The next time you fly, use these guidelines to pack your carry-on bag.

    Place all of your important documents like your boarding pass, passport, and flight itinerary in an easily-accessible pocket of your luggage. Make sure all of your liquids are in 3-ounce containers and packed away in a 1-quart zipper storage baggie. Bring a few basic pieces of clothing like a pair of jeans, walking shoes, and some basic shirts that can be used to make a few different outfits.

    Rely on Fiesta Taxi for your airport transportation needs. Our local taxicab service is always here to ensure that you have a ride when you need one. We only hire responsible drivers to offer you the transportation that you need. For more information on our services or to request a vehicle, visit us online or call (310) 878-2465.

    Top Happy Hour Deals in Whittier

    Last updated 9 days ago

    Sometimes you need to sit back and relax with your friends at a local hangout. Blow off some steam after a hard week at some of the hottest happy hour spots in the city. Keep reading to learn more about the best places to enjoy a few cocktails and discounter appetizers in the Whittier area:

    The Bottle Room

    Located on Greenleaf Ave, this local favorite has one of the best beer lists in the city. Every Monday-Friday from 3-7 pm and all day Sunday, you can take advantage of The Bottle Room’s impressive happy hour menu. With $2 off pints of draft peers and $1 off goblets, you can taste a few different craft beers. There is also $1 off wine by the glass and $1-$3 off certain menu items like flatbreads and side dishes.

    The 6740

    Another area hotspot, the 6740 is even popular outside of happy hour. Locals love the burger selection, the Buffalo wings, and the juke box that adds to the atmosphere of this fun and carefree pub. Although there is no hard alcohol, the beer selection is enough to bring you back for more.


    This sushi bar boasts a happy hour that can get you 20 percent off of some menu favorites. With a full sushi menu and a dine-in menu, there are plenty of great options from which to choose. Bambooze is also a brew house, which means there are plenty of amazing beverage options to pair with your food.

    Whenever you are in the mood for happy hour in Whittier, Fiesta Taxi is here to offer reliable transportation that keeps you from drinking and driving. Our local taxicab service wants you to have access to transportation whenever you need it. To learn more about our service area or to reserve a taxicab, visit us online or call (310) 878-2465. 

    Do the Math: Why Taking a Cab is the Smart Choice

    Last updated 11 days ago

    Everyone knows that drinking and driving is dangerous and can get you arrested—and yet, some people choose to imbibe and get behind the wheel anyway. In California, the DUI laws are very serious and carry stiff penalties. For example, you can be fined up to $1,000 for your first DUI offense, which doesn’t even take into account additional penalties or legal fees you’ll have to deal with. The next time you go out for an evening in Whittier, do the math first. A five-mile ride from Fiesta Taxi will only cost you about $15 plus tip, a significantly lower price to pay compared to getting pulled over for driving under the influence. Take a look at this infographic from Fiesta Taxi to see why taking a cab is always the smarter choice. Remember to call 1-800-TAXICAB any time you need safe, reliable transportation around the Norwalk area.  Please share with your friends and family!

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    How to Convince Your Inebriated Friend to Give Up Their Car Keys

    Last updated 16 days ago

    Driving drunk is no joke. If there is anything that you can do to prevent one of your friends from getting behind the wheel after drinking, you should do it. Use the following tips to save the day by taking the keys:

    Have a Conversation

    As soon as you start to notice signs of inebriation, you should politely tell your friend that you do not think it is a good idea for him or her to drive. If they start to argue with you, repeat what you said in a slightly firmer tone. When you can convey the seriousness of the situation and the fact that you are worried, they might start to think differently about getting behind the wheel.

    Call a Taxi

    Even if you are having trouble getting your hands on your friend’s keys, you can be proactive and call a local taxicab service to meet you for a pickup. If the yellow cab arrives at your location, it will be much harder for your friend to argue that he or she should just drive home.

    Make an Effort to Take the Keys

    The only way to be sure that your friend will not get a ride back to his or her car and drive anyway is to actually hold onto the keys. Do what you can to get the keys into your possession. Even if your friend is mad at you in the moment, he or she will appreciate when they start to sober up. If you have to ride in the taxi to ensure that your friend makes it home safely, do it. Your actions could prevent a serious accident with terrible consequences.

    Whenever you want to enjoy a few alcoholic beverages, Fiesta Taxi is here to ensure that you get home safely. Our local taxicab service is always here to offer a ride when you cannot drive yourself. Visit us online or call (310) 878-2465 to reserve a taxi today. 

    The Amazing City of Los Angeles

    Last updated 23 days ago

    Los Angeles is one of the most popular cities in the world for a reason. With beautiful weather, plenty of culture, shopping, and dining opportunities, the city of angles truly has something for everyone.

    Whether you are an area resident or a visitor, there is always something fun and exciting happening in the city. From Hollywood to the Los Angeles Zoo, take advantage of all the area has to offer. Check out this video to learn more about the amazing appeal of L.A.

    Fiesta Taxi is here to shuttle you around in Los Angeles. We provide local taxicab services that make it easy to get where you want to go. To learn more about our service area and airport transportation to LAX, call (310) 878-2465.

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